Light a candle.03.14.11

Light a smoke. The 22nd will be here before you know it. So on these days of remembrance I’ll contemplate everything that makes the sun shine, information pills and all that got left behind, purposefully and otherwise. At least nature decides to rebuild this time of year. It makes it a lot more positive.

Crazy Dollar Bill Consiracy!01.31.11

Extreme Confusion of Emotions for Times Past.01.29.11

I woke up from dreams about the boat ride carousels you find at the fair. Now I sit, bronchi sore throatted, in a mire of longing for a time that can never be again. Is purchasing as much memorabilia as possible the only recourse for the hopelessly nostalgic? My only hope is that my expectations about life and death are wrong, that there is indeed an afterlife, and in it I can experience any era I choose with full consciousness. However until I find out for sure I will accept all donations of anything from the late 70′s to 1999, and memorabilia in any form from any of the Star Wars films.

Hey Check this out!!!01.21.11

If you need a quick one off t-shirt made, diagnosis go HERE! OOSHIRTS.com totally hooked me up, and they’ll hook you up too, homeboy!!! I’ll post picks of my new design once they arrive, in a couple weeks!

Thrash your face off.01.16.11

So Whaaahaat The Fuck…01.13.11


And also this:01.02.11

Warts on your dick.01.02.11

Grimace Half Heartedly.12.28.10

I will never believe in anything ever again. I totally remember that. Fuck off with your memories. Life in the right now grimaces at the sight of your face. A grimace, order
pills a cringe, a shrug, and a goodbye. Pull out those paint brushes, baby. Our house smells like smokes.

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Copyright 2010 by LOVEBOT SMASH! ++*+ Design by SHERWOOD+BLACK, DETROIT.